Good Parenting

Good parenting in this aeon is, unfortunately, more tough and wearisome as compared to the times when the world was a place to survive; not a fixture to compete. Nowadays, People strive to be perfect parents to survive societal pressure than to be better parents. Everyone has been through the phase of their life when they find flaws in the way they have been brought up, the pressure of parents they face on their frail shoulders. Speaking of myself, whenever I think of the pressure I faced in my childhood and a few mistakes my parents did, I always reassure myself that it is where I am going to make a difference and this is what I am never going to repeat.

Good Parent

A good parent is someone who understands the behaviors, acknowledges the child’s reaction. A good parent is someone who knows how to be kind when it comes to the reinforcement of anything. Rather than forcing things on the child and pushing him through what you want. In this article, you will learn 6 ways to have a good parenting experience. Along with a few parenting tips which will help you through the journey.

Let your child make mistakes

This has always been a norm that early stages of the parenthood said to be the difficult one. When, usually the baby is an infant. But this is not entirely true. The irony is that, when the child is in development phases and getting the basic exposure of the outside world, this span, oftentimes neglected by the parents. This is the trickiest phase where parents have to play a little psychology. Your child is learning something new every day, adapting new ways, making mistakes and much more. Good parenting is not really about always correcting your child but to let your child make mistakes. This is how he will learn the phenomenon of cause and effect.

I have seen parent scolding and correcting their kids every time they do little mistakes. This is a big full stop at learning abilities as well as it is bad for the emotional health of kids. So, let them make mistakes. When they will learn the consequences of particular mistakes, they will correct it by themselves.

Avoid comparisons

Among the good parenting skills, this is basically what considered the most important . I have seen parents comparing their kids to the kids of their families, friends or every kid around, not acknowledging the fact that this not only toxic to the kids but the parents too. Parents always have to be mindful of the things they say to their kids. It has been witnessed that, comparisons lead to inferiority complex and insecurities. Always be supportive and understand the caliber of your little one. Not every kid is equally intelligent, grooming requires a deal of time and kindness.

When the baby is an infant, this has been observed that parents visit pediatricians with the concern that their baby is around 12 months and still silent while the kid in their neighborhood has started uttering mama around the same age. So, you need to understand that growth and development phases vary somewhat a little in every kid. Moreover, if this issue in the parent is not identified, it causes grave issues of comparisons and labeling when the kid is all grown up. So, parents need to avoid comparison to maintain a healthy atmosphere for growth.

Walk the talk

You might have noticed that parents usually do not teach everything to the babies, rather they are all ears and all eyes to the behavior of their parents and people around them. They observe they pick, they learn and then they implement. It is not enough to stress on the fact that the ones who are parents to the infants or toddlers should be extremely mindful of their behaviors, from the way they walk to the way they talk. It is being considered as a good parenting style when parents are watchful of their behaviors and their reactions because it has a direct impact on their child’s ability to grasp things.

To make your parenting journey good, it is so important to be heedful of your conduct because what you say out of fury, might leave an imprint on your baby’s mind.

Show them your affection, care and support

If you happen to be parents to be a parent to the kid of any age group, you ought to express what you hold in your heart for the kid. I have seen parents not giving enough attention and affection to their children because doing it makes them feel vulnerable. I cannot emphasize enough on the dire need of this element to have good parenting experience. You can express your affection by showing them little gestures full of love, by complimenting them, by making bedtime special and even much more. This has a positive effect on a child’s emotional well-being. The kids won’t go finding love from the outside world when they get it from home.
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Don’t punish them but guide them and support them

This is the most important parenting tip that doesn’t lash out on your kid for any reasons. Them little souls are too sensitive to handle your frustration and aggression. Good parents try to understand the reason behind any mistakes their kids make or any behavior they show to a particular thing. Have the flexibility to understand the cause and guide them with politeness. Tell them what they did wrong and what are its possible consequences?

Support is a necessary element of good parenting. Guide them first about wrong and right and support them in every decision they make. It will provide them with a sense of security and trust.

Embrace the change

Well, a kid doesn’t always remain a kid. Growth and catharsis are inevitable processes. Learn to embrace the change you will be going to see in the life of your kid. Broaden your horizon of understanding because when your little toddler would be introduced to be outside world, there is much that is going to change.

That is all about the 6 basic ways to have a good parenting experience. Care to comment and stay tuned for new blog posts.