Today, as the world grows more and more in each aspect, it also generates big ample of trash every day, and it’s highly unlikely to have the time and the resources to handle it with perfection, but we certainly can’t let this stop us. We should try other means which we are sure would be great to reduce waste. We should always start with our home because reducing waste will eventually save our planet and will get you some money at the same time. Following are some easy ways that you will take no time in implementing. Merge these tips with keeping track of the garbage output and wait to see the fantastic results. Keep in mind that these tips and tricks will eventually lead you to Zero Waste. Let’s take a look.

1.  Say no to disposable, try reusable.

The very first thing that you ought to take care of is to invest your money in the products that are reusable and durable. You certainly won’t have a problem if you stop using disposable products. Piece of cotton or Microfiber cloths will work the same way as the disposable wipes and paper towels do. Try shifting to the stainless steel straw or the glass straw instead of using the one-time plastic straw. Whenever you go shopping, don’t ever use plastic bags, be modern by using durable snack bags. Always have batteries that are rechargeable, forget about those costly traditional ones. Your utensils and tableware should be reusable instead of that throw-away type. When it comes to bathroom essentials, some excellent quality biodegradable products ensure a healthy and happy climate.

2.  Less Packaging Products to reduce waste.

When it comes to the products with relatively more packaging, there are so many alternatives that you can go for. The packaging is meant to be thrown out, so avoid that by only not bringing such products into your home. The food you buy usually comes in plastic clam-shells, and you’re bound to throw them away. Shift to the cleaning products that are more concentrated and delivered in smaller bottles. Instead of buying mini packages of snacks, big box or bags of snacks will come in handy. Don’t buy beauty products, learn and shift to homemade beauty products. The meat you buy is usually wrapped in non-recyclable styrofoam trays which results in an unhealthy and dirty environment in the long run. There’s an alternative way which comes with delicious meat wrapped in butcher paper. The last thing that you can do is shifting to package-free soap. All of it will seem impossible for the first time, but you’ll make the best of it.

3.  Stop Buying New, Refill the old ones.

Once you have bought your stuff, instead of repurchasing them, try filling the old ones. Therefore save those jars and bags and bring them when you shop. Fill them with nuts flour, beans, granola and more. Nowadays, several marts allow you to pay a deposit on your glass jug of milk, this way you can bring it back whenever needed, thus a cheap and durable way. You can also refill your cleaning products such as My Green Fills and Grove Collaborative. Refilling is the perfect choice for you to reduce waste and make some money simultaneously.

4.  Repurpose to reduce the waste.

By repurposing, we mean finding the new purpose for the already used items in your house. For instance, your old towels and t-shirts can act as great absorbent rags. The plastic tubs of yoghurt can hold your stationery items, decorate them and made attractive pen holders for your study table. Your shoeboxes have a perfect space for your favourite mementoes. There are so many other items for which you can find a new purpose.

5.  Try Being Selective

Exclude the items from your list that you can live without. Therefore, whenever you try to buy household items, think twice about the outcome. And if the thing is cheap, don’t make it a reason to believe, you certainly don’t need that. The freebies you receive could be handy for other persons. If you don’t have a use for it, pass it on.

6.  From Food Scraps to Valuable Dirt for the Garden.

You may have never thought of this tip, but there’s a way you can reduce food waste. You can compost your food waste by finding outdoor space and letting the earthworms do their job. This process is known as Vermiculture.

7.  Recycle as much as you can to reduce waste.

curbside recycling is valuable, but it’s time you commit to recycling everything you can. There are so many people in this world that deserve to have such privileges, and you can easily offer them. For instance, turning your old sports shoes at participating stores where they’ll get recycle and ready for use again. Terracycle has been so generous in changing the world by reducing waste. You can donate your drink pouches, snack packages, yogurt cups, etc. They find a new purpose for every item they get. It won’t hurt to bring the hangers and dry cleaning bags back to your dry cleaner. Your used clothes must go to goodwill.

8.  Always be Prepared.

Wherever you go, keep the durable items with you. It’ll assist you in reducing the wastes. For instance, the glass straw, as mentioned above, should be with you along with a compact shopping bag. It’s quite handy to keep the grocery bags in the trunk of your car. There’s no reason to leave them at home. This way you can save your money and save your planet at the same time.

Follow every step discussed above and merge these techniques with your ideas and have a healthy and happy planet. Let us know about your achievements and experiences in the comment section down below. Let’s help each other by suggesting more ways to reduce wastes.