COVID-19: 10 Things you need to do after recovering

Covid-19 is really a massive thing that has turned our lives upside down. There is no denying the fact that Covid-19 has affected our lives and changed them drastically. It has affected the economy worldwide and has forced everyone to stay at home. Being stuck at home can do a lot to a person and worse if one has actually been infected with this virus. Isolation during the healing period is not an easy thing but those who have survived this virus still have a lot of recovering to do even if they have healed or the symptoms have toned down. Here are some tips to adopt after you have recovered from this virus.

Don’t interact a lot while you’re still contagious

Even after the symptoms of the sickness have vanished, it does not mean that your body is no longer contagious. If not taken proper care of, it can be a carrier of this infection and spread it to the general population. The main solution for this is to wait for 10 days because after 10 days your has cleansed itself of the active virus. Medical tests and observations have shown that a person is no longer contagious after 10 days. So, if your symptoms have vanished during a seven-day period, wait till 10 days so that you don’t pass on anyone else accidentally.

WHO ( World Health Organisation) states that if a person has gone through critical and severe illness during the infection, then it will take at least 6 weeks for them to fully recover.

Just because you’ve endured Covid, does not mean you are totally immune!

Contracting a viral infection does strengthen your immune system but it’s too early to know if you are totally immune from the virus after that. Some studies and researches conducted at showing that this immunity might be temporary which means there is a chance that you can get infected again if you don’t take precautionary measures seriously. So, DO NOT forget to wear a mask and sanitize regularly.

Go easy on yourself

Even after you’ve recovered or tested negative for the virus, don’t jump back on your old routine and rigorous tasks immediately. Instead, give yourself some time to heal and relax after you have endured this straining sickness. It will take some time for your breathing to go back to normal and your sense of taste and smell to return. Throw your responsibilities to the back seat for a while and chill. Do activities to freshen yourself up and settle into your old routine with one task a day. You deserve this after fighting this virus.

Regular physical activity

While it might be a little difficult to carry out physical activities and you might face fatigue, it is essential to bring your body back on track with regular walking every day. Even at home, walk regularly. During the first week after recovering from Covid-19, walk for about 5 minutes five times per day. During the second week walk 10 minutes five times per day and during the third week, walk for 15 minutes five times per day.


The best way towards the road of betterment and recovery is to exercise daily to regulate and strengthen your immune system and lung and chest muscles through regular cardio exercise other than walking. Work on your breathing regulation and betterment. Some breathing exercises will help you in restoring your regular breathing. Along with that work on some muscle exercises to strengthen your muscles again after the muscle loss during the sickness.

Better Diet after Covid.

One of the fundamental steps towards betterment and recovery after hearing from sickness is by adopting a healthy and nutritious diet. The medicines are taken and the stress during the sickness can do a lot for your body and a better diet is an effective and important way to regain the strength lost during your sickness. Consuming organic products, meat, vegetables, fresh juices, and fruits will help you in healing. Eat food that is properly prepared and cleaned and is simple. This will only make the process of healing easier.

Work to strengthen your memory

Coronavirus is said to affect your memory cells and with that all of the stress, it can be difficult for your brain to take it all. To regain and rejuvenate the memory cells, try playing memory games, jigsaw puzzles. Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise to bring it back on track.

Taking care of your mental health

  • Covid-19 doesn’t just affect your body, but it also takes a toll on your mind. If you have gone through severe sickness, the aftermath of that on your mental health can be overwhelming. Some patients might go through PTSD symptoms after going through severe sickness. Some symptoms of PTSD are:
  • Flashback
  • Disturbing dreams
  • Negative thoughts
  • Avoiding any thoughts of experience
  • Distrust and robust reactions to remembering events
  • Being emotionally numb
  • Trouble concentrating

If you or you’re loved one is experiencing these symptoms then you should seek help from a loved one or professional.

Don’t ignore the warning signs even after Covid.

Even after healing, if you experience breathlessness, a nagging headache, or fatigue do not ignore these signs. They can a serious implication that you still might not have completely healed from the Covid-19 or is not doing properly in post COVID period.

Road to betterment after Covid-19.

To improve the symptoms and to heal from the after-effects of the sickness it is essential that you seek help and along with that communicate with your friends and family about the distressing events rather than ignoring them. Ignoring and showing numbness towards distressing events can further worsen the problem so communicate with people because isolation can be a lot to handle. Other than that avoid caffeine and alcohol. Try going to bed on time every day and taking good hours of sleep. Also, avoid using a lot of electronics for at least one hour before going to bed.

Final Takeaway

Covid-19 is a serious illness that needs proper care and attention to heal. The effects and their severity will vary from person to person. It only with proper attention to diet, sleep cycle and physical routine that we can come out of this virus healthy as ever again.