Vincenzo (2021): Is It Worth Watching, or No?

Vincenzo? Okay… let’s do this! Now that the series has completed half of its run, it is about time. Vincenzo is a South Korean television series that airs on TVN every Saturday and Sunday while the episodes are released simultaneously on Netflix every week as well. It was Korean mega-star Song Joong-Ki’s small screen return after the hit “Descendant of Sun” in 2016. It was my first K-drama so I went in with a lot of expectations. So, did it really meet the expectations or is it a miss? Is “Vincenzo” worth your time, or no? Spoiler Warning as we’ll be discussing some developments in the show.

Plot Synopsis

Vincenzo Cassano, originally named Park Joo Hyung, is a Korean-born but Italian raised individual. Adopted by an Italian Mafia family at a young age, he works as Mafia’s “Consigliere” (this term might sound familiar if you’ve watched The Godfather). After the demise of his adoptive father, Vincenzo returns to his motherland to retrieve the gold that was hidden some time ago by demolishing a building. But what seems like a simple task turns into a fight against the unjust and privileged evils of society. Vincenzo must abide by the saying “Only evil can fight evil” to truly win this one.

The Good Aspects of Vincenzo:

To begin with, we first need to start with the positive and the good aspects of the show.


The main cast of the show is one of its strongest and the best aspects of it. Song Joong-Ki’s Starpower and visuals will really win you over so this is going to be a treat for you if you are a Joong-Ki fan. Joong-Ki is just fabulous and breathtaking in the role (the suits look so good on him). His pronunciation of Italian slang is really good and clear. All in all, Song Joong-Ki yet again impresses with his performance and his charm is undeniable.

Jeon Yeo-been plays Hong Cha-young the hot-headed and quick-witted lawyer at the Wusang Law Firm who will do anything to win a case. In the initial episodes, Cha-young’s character did annoy me at places due to loud and animated expressions but with the passing episodes her performance does improve and now she’s doing great.

Ok Taec-Yeon really caught me off guard with his portrayal of the main bad guy. What seemed like a sweet ray of sunshine was a cruel psychopath. Ok Taec-Yeon sells himself as a cruel businessman who is psychotic, overpowering, and manipulative.

The other cast members like Kim Yeo-Jin, Kwak Dong-yeon also impress with their performances as well.

The Chemistry:

The chemistry between the main leads, Vincenzo and Hong Cha-Young is off the charts and easily one of my favorite and loved things about the show. Song Joong-Ki seems to have chemistry with any female lead. The dynamic between the two is lovable, badass, and enjoyable all at the same time.

Direction and Narrative Stand-Point:

The narrative standpoint of Vincenzo is really great ad well managed. The direction is great, really capturing the essence of the show. From the posters and initial marketing, I thought the show was going to be all serious and gritty but it surprised me with its light-hearted approach on many topics, it does not lack the comedic element at all, to say the least. It does get annoying at times but we will get to that in a minute.

The CGI scenes of Italy were really, really impressive. I was shocked to find out about all of the scenes in Italy being CG.

The Twists:

The show is crazy when it comes to plot twists. Every weekend with a crazy plot twist or an interesting development that will leave you wanting more. Jang Jun-Woo’s reveal as the main villain really blew me away. The crazy developments will hook you throughout

There are so much good about this show but, unfortunately, we got little time.

 The Underwhelming Aspects of Vincenzo.

No show is perfect, not even this banger. There are some of the underwhelming aspects of the series that needed more thought and more development.

The Tenants and their Shenanigans:

Okay, so one thing that really puts me off at times is the side plot of the tenants at the Geumga Plaza. The characters are all very cartoonish and over the top in many instances. At many points, I have skipped their lengthy sequences. The side plot is not all bad, but giving them much more time than needed really takes away from the main intrigue and feel of the show. I really wish that in the upcoming episodes, less time is wasted on them and the story moves onto intense developments.

Comedy in Vincenzo:

Hear me out, I have got no problem with the show having a light-hearted feel to it. The show being all serious and broody would have been boring too, but now, after 10 episodes I really want the story to move in a serious direction and after the recent episode, it does feel like the fun is over and we’ll be moving forward to intense plot points.

Makeup Department:

Okay, this one does not hinder the final product at all, but if it was considered, it would have been good. One tiny problem that I have with Vincenzo’s character representation is that he looks to “clean” to be mafia’s consigliere. Don’t get me wrong, Joong-Ki’s visuals are breath taking, but being mafia’s consigliere, him being all clear skinned without any scars or “roughness” does take away from the character. I wish he was given a rough look. But then I guess, he is supposed to look effortless as it is a part of his character

Final Verdict:

This wraps up my review for K-drama “Vincenzo”. So, is it worth your time and interest? A big, fat YES! Vincenzo is definitely worth your time and totally one of the best and engaging K-dramas to come out of 2021 for sure!

The show does have * few* low points, but you won’t even notice them once you get carried away with the interesting plotline.