The pregnancy journey is full of changes, surprises, embracement, joys, tears, and pain. For parents, it is no less than a roller coaster of emotions, especially for a mother. This is the time period when the body of a female undergoes countless changes including physiological, hormonal, internal body changes, and psychological changes as well. These all changes usually drain all the energy of the body but excitement, anticipation, and wait to carry the little one in arms is what makes mothers experience this painful yet mythical natural phenomenon with all their strength and love. Here we’ll be going to discuss the physiological journey of second trimester.

This whole majestic journey comprises three trimesters and each trimester is of 12 weeks which means 3 months. All of these three trimesters have their own significance related to mother body changes, development and growth of the fetus, and important factors. As we have previously discussed 12 important points of the first trimester, now let’s move on towards the second trimester and its important points that every mother-to-be needs to know.  

Let’s dive in.  

8 things you need to know about the second trimester.  

Here’s a list of all the important points that you need to know about the second trimester.  

When does the second trimester start?  

Before getting to know all the other important details about this trimester, you should really know first that when does this trimester begins? So, the answer to this question is quite clear if you know when your first trimester ends, you really do know when your second trimester starts. As the first trimester ends by the end of the 12th week, so by the start of the 13th week, you’re going to enter your second trimester. The total span of this trimester will also be around three months and it will last till the end of the 27th week.  


A significant number of pregnant women face constipation during their second semester. The reason behind constipation is the rise in the amount of progesterone. The level of progesterone increases throughout the pregnancy but constipation is quite more prevalent. A high level of progesterone lowers down the digestion process by relaxing the muscles. This causes the bowel movements to slow down and results in constipation. 

This is quite a common issue that is seen in pregnant women. To prevent it from getting worse, drink a lot of water and eat a lot of food that is rich in fiber. It will definitely ease your constipation.  

Second trimester workout routine.  

For staying healthy during your pregnancy, keep yourself active is key. As in the second trimester, your baby is growing and the baby bump is getting bigger day by day, it is advised to switch your heavy workout routine to the mild one. Start brisk walking, water aerobics, modified yoga, mild squats, and you can even go stationary cycling. You can do any sort of mild physical activity to keep yourself fit that does not involve the risk of falling or hurting the baby in any other way. Before planning your workout all by yourself, it is definitely advised to consult the doctor as well. Ask your gynecologist that if everything is well and are you allowed to do such moves considering the health condition.  

Nausea during the second trimester.  

Morning sickness is usually more prevalent in 1st trimester and as the pregnancy proceeds, it gradually gets better. But in some cases, nausea and morning sickness remains persistent through the second trimester as well. The reason behind this is the hormone that is secreted through the placenta. This hormone is known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone. This is basically produced during the first trimester when the placenta is being formed but in some cases, its levels remain high during the second trimester a well which might indicate the abnormality in placenta formation.  

To get rid of this constant feeling of being nauseous you try these things listed below.  

  • Eat in small portions, multiple times a day.  
  • Use ginger and lemon in boiled water.  
  • Try to avoid using strong scents.  

 How much weight does one gain in this trimester?  

It is something understood that you cannot just expect your body to gain less weight when there is a whole new life evolving inside your womb. So, expecting your body to maintain a smooth streamlined figure is nothing but equivalent to living in a fool’s paradise. Usually, in the first one, you don’t really put on much weight.  But as soon as your second trimester starts, you can expect your body to gain at least 1 pound per week. It will make a total of 12 to 14 pounds that you’ll be going to gain.

Exceeding 14 pounds can prove unhealthy not just for you but for your baby’s health as well. So, try to eat healthily and stay fit to maintain your weight at a healthy level.  

 Pelvic pain.  

As your baby grows, so does your uterus. It causes the muscles around to adjust themselves accordingly which can cause pain in ligaments around your pelvic region. This pain can also be pelvic girdle pain that is known as Symphysis pubis dysfunction. It is caused by the extra pressure or stress on pelvic joints caused by the growing bump. You can wear a pelvic support belt to alleviate this pain.  

If you experience stabbing and excruciating pelvic pain with vaginal bleeding, rush to your doctor as soon as possible because this could be a sign of miscarriage.  

Headache in the second trimester of pregnancy.  

During the second or third trimester, women are less likely to headaches because their body tends to adjust itself to all the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy. But you still feel constant headache, check your blood pressure level at that very moment. Headaches during the second trimester can be a result of high blood pressure.  

High blood pressure during pregnancy can lead towards multiple problems and complications like stoke, preeclampsia, eclampsia etc. So, make sure that you blood pressure remains normal.  

End of the second trimester of pregnancy.  

Second trimester of pregnancy starts from the 13th week and ends at the end of 27th week. Each trimester of pregnancy lasts in between 12 weeks to 14th week time span.  

This was all about few noticeable points that one needs to know about this trimester. For more such content, stay tuned.