Total 9 months of pregnancy includes 3 trimesters (the period of 120 days) and each trimester has its own noticeable changes related to fetal development. The mother’s body tends to react differently during each trimester. In this article, we’ll be going to discuss all the important information about first trimester that you need to know. So, let’s begin.  

When does the first trimester starts and when it ends?  

You need to know that your all 9 months of bearing the baby in your womb is divided in 3 trimesters. Your first trimester starts from the first week and ends by the end of the 12th week. Most of pregnant ladies witness a lot of changes during the last weeks of their first trimester. Now, the question arises that when one could expect their first week of pregnancy? When to count?  

So, the answer to this query is your first week of pregnancy starts from the first day of your last proper period. Which means your pregnancy counts from 2 weeks prior to the day you have actually conceived. The 40 weeks of your pregnancy are 38 weeks of actually carrying a baby in your womb. Well, this is confusing but this is how it is.  

Signs that your pregnancy is going well during your first trimester.  

Newly pregnant ladies oftentimes have this fear that whether their pregnancy is going fine and free of complications. Here is a list of all the signs that depict that your pregnancy is going fine during the first trimester.  

  • You start to feel mild breast changes including sore and tender breasts.  
  • You start feeling exhausted and fatigued.  
  • You start feeling bloated and you can feel your little bump.  
  • You start feeling nauseated more than often.  
  • You get weird good cravings.  
  • You start peeing a lot.  

All these signs mean that you are right on track during your first trimester.  

How much weight is normal to put on during the first trimester.  

As by the end of your 8th week, the embryo is called fetus because it starts to develop fully. You baby grows up to 3 to 4 inches in length during first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. Average people gain around 1 to 5 pounds during their first trimester. After first trimester, you start to gain more weight, approximately 1 pound per week is considered normal.  

Experiencing diarrhea during the first trimester of pregnancy.  

First trimester is oftentimes characterized by digestive system problems because your body starts to experience something new and unusual. All the changes your body goes through can affect your bowel movements which can result in diarrhea for first couple of weeks. Some women are more likely to get diarrhea during their first trimester while some don’t.  

Is spotting during the first trimester something to worry about?  

Spotting during first 12 weeks (first trimester) occurs due to implantation and it is quite normal. Around 20 percent of pregnant women face spotting during their first trimester specially in two weeks after conception. This spotting is relatively lighter than menstrual bleeding. This happens because during this time the embryo (the egg after being fertilized with the sperm) itself to the lining of the uterus. But if you notice excessive bleeding then do consult your doctor.  

Shortness of breath in the first trimester.  

If your face shortness of breath during the first trimester of your pregnancy, there is nothing to be worry about. You must be aware about the fact that how exponentially the levels of your pregnancy hormones rise throughout your pregnancy, especially during first trimester. You may feel shortness of breath due to the rising levels of progesterone. This will go away eventually after you will enter your second or third trimester. So, keep in mind that this is what you will face during your first trimester and there is no need to panic.  

Round ligament pain during the first trimester.  

As in first trimester of pregnancy, your body undergoes a lot of changes. Round ligament pain is a sharp stabbing pain that you feel in your lower abdomen or prion area. It is considered quite normal during the first trimester of your pregnancy because as your uterus grows, so does the ligaments that are attached to it. The ligaments that are attached to your uterus also adjust themselves when your uterus starts to grow. That’s why most of the women face round ligament pain during their first trimester.  


Again, you need to keep this in mind that your first trimester of pregnancy is the time when your body has just started experiencing something which is new. So, during the first 12 weeks your body undergoes a lot of new changes because the embryo has implanted itself and starts to grow. Because of all the adjustment and changes that your body is going through, cramping is normal. It usually lasts till the 16th week of your pregnancy. 

Can drinking too much coffee will cause miscarriage.  

It’s not that drinking coffee will cause miscarriage during early pregnancy. But, having beverages 3 to 4 times a day that have content of caffeine can increase the changes of miscarriage. So, balance is definitely a key. Do not go overboard with anything and be conscious what your taking inside your body because its crucial to maintain a healthy pregnancy.  

Nutrition during the first trimester.  

This is the thing what you need to understand that what you feed yourself, you are feeding your baby as well. Best food that will help you have a seamless healthy pregnancy experience during your trimester includes.  

  • All the lean meat. 
  • Green vegetable. 
  • Legumes.  
  • Low fat dairy. 
  • No alcohol.  
  • Avoid caffeine as much as you can. 
  • Add whole wheat to your life. 

Working out during the first trimester.  

If you want to keep yourself fit during your whole pregnancy journey, try to keep yourself active. For this purpose, start developing mild workout habits like walking, swimming, yoga, mild water workouts. You should definitely avoid hard and heavy workouts as it can be harmful for your pregnancy. Otherwise, keep it mild with all the terms and conditions applied depending on your health.  

When does the first trimester end?  

Your first trimester ends at the last day of 12th week of your pregnancy which is to say that on the 10th of bearing a child in your womb. After 12th week, your second trimester will start which will be a phase of changes and new experiences. 

This was about all the points you need to know about your first trimester. For mosre such content, don’t forget to stay tuned.