10 ways to protect your vibe and how to be yourself

be yourself

We are living in an era where life has become all about hoarding commodities and portraying sham statuses to show the world that you are worthy of being called superior. Pretentiousness has taken over the charm of being yourself. Although this fixture is of no us still you are somehow convinced by your surroundings that you have to be the part of this competition to survive. This pseudo-obsession of superiority has failed this world as a whole. This is completely deteriorating for the overall well-being of humans. We go on pretending what we are not. This creates a cacophony in one’s personality. Protecting your vibe is extremely important for one’s self-actualization, gnosis, and catharsis. Be yourself, resist overthinking and negative speculation, avoid pretentiousness and you will all blithesome.

In this article, you will find 10 simplest and easy ways that will help you protect your vibe and you will be all yourself. These ways will help you lead a peaceful and light-hearted life without any burden of being not what you are. So, let’ get started. 

Let go of things you want to control.

It is of no use to bustle your head with things you cannot control or cannot change. Fretting and agonizing over things only make you feel weak. When you want to control a particular situation, it makes you go obsessive. You become so obsessed with everything you want to change that gradually the paradox of control crawls over you. This causes nothing but the turbulence in one’s mind and her. So, to protect your vibe and to be yourself, it is extremely crucial not to hold on things that you cannot control or change. Learn to let go of things and keep your journey alive. It will help you endure coming endeavours with tranquillity.

Avoid comparing yourself with others. 

Contentment is the key rule to live a prosperous life. We live in a world where we all are envious for not only materialistic things but to abstract and non-pictorial feelings too. Despite restraining ourselves from all the negativity, we still somehow find ourselves at the periphery of thinking that another side is evergreen. You fall prey to comparison and disappear into the competition to prove yourself better. This consumes your identity slowly. To be yourself and to protect your vibe, it is extremely crucial to be contented with what you have. Do not feel dejected if someone has got something better. This should have to be your belief that you have got that others don’t.

Keep your faith larger than your fears. 

A man of faith can overcome every obstacle of his life by clinging to what he holds in his heart. If you ever happen to find yourself in a situation where you are completely bogged down into agony, lean completely on your faith. Your faith that resides in your heart will tell you what is right and what is wrong. Doubts and fears always force you to adopt the ways that are not yours. Somehow, fears and uncertainties make you weak. They won’t let you embrace who you are. Keep your faith strong and trust the prowess abilities of the only designer of this horizon. This is how you will have a firm belief and you will endure everything by that will come in your way by being yourself.

Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right. 

Another important rule that you should never let go is “never inclined towards anything that your heart does not support.” Whenever you don’t feel comfortable while doing something, understand that this is your intuition and instinct telling you not to go there. When you compel yourself to do something that your heart doesn’t support, you lose your life. You cannot be yourself by doing that isn’t what your heart wants. Always opt for the way that your heart supports. This is a key rule to live a simple yet prosperous life.  

Don’t be afraid to spend time with yourself. 

The moments you spend truly with yourself is the time that gives you a thorough realization of who you are. You listen to your inner voice and you discover your voids. You discover your inclinations, desires, and where you want to see yourself in the coming years. The time alone with oneself is best for introspective inspection by which you truly find yourself. This is the time when external influence is at the shallow level and all you could feel is yourself. So, never hesitate to spend time yourself.

Avoid gossiping and bashing others. 

Gossiping and bashing others is something malicious. It is not only deteriorating to the image of the person you are gossiping about but also injurious to one’s own peace of mind. By continuously thinking negatively about others you are feeding yourself negativity which is deleterious. Make sure that you never surround yourself with such moral evil. As soon as you find yourself in such a condition where somehow you will start gossiping or bashing someone, try to change the topic of discussion. This will help you avoid gossiping and you’ll be able to protect your pure vibe.

Speak kindly to yourself and other people.

The way you speak to yourself and other people around you says a lot about your personality. Being critical to yourself is fine to an extent but you have to make sure that you give all the love and appreciation to yourself too that you give to others. Oftentimes, people give all the love to others and not give an ounce of love to their selves. Treat yourself with kindness because you need it the most. You have the whole universe inside you. Give yourself small rewards and don’t be harsh on your soul and heart. Also, take good care of people who are associated with you. This way you will flourish in a way you have never thought of.

 Please yourself before trying to please others. 

It is no less ironic that we are living in a world where we are trying too hard to please everyone around us. We lean pretty too much over other people’s approval and rejection. Amidst this disease to please, we are losing our essence and power of human agency. This could be a barrier towards one’s growth because somehow, we consider ourselves responsible for how people feel. We feel that everything we do and everything we say have an impact on other’s life that’s why we can’t say no to anything which has been imposed on us. It is nothing but a plague to one’s eligibility and abilities. You are brave enough to endure the consequences of your own decisions, you don’t need society to dictate you who you are. Please yourself before trying to please others because this is how you will be all yourself.

Stay away from people who drain your energy. 

It is said, 

Having a happy spouse, friend, or neighbour who lives within a mile of you increases the probability that you will be happy as well.

Our body works on the principle of resonance. It tends to adapt itself according to the frequency it is surrounded by. The more negativity you catch through your surroundings, the more negative person you tend to become and same goes for positivity as well. To be yourself and to protect your vibe, you must eliminate negativity and toxicity from your life. Cut contacts with all the people whose company makes you feel uncomfortable and drain your all energy. you will live a peaceful life this way.

Grow every day and ignore the opinions that do not make any difference in your life.

Each day you are granted with hundreds of opportunities that demand a better version of you. Which lets you grow out of your carapace that is shielding your growth. Avail opportunities, never are satisfied with your learning experience, learn to let go, and accept change. This is how you will grow every day. Never pay heed to what other people say because you are the one who completely holds your reins.

These are 10 key ways that will help you to be yourself and protect the essence of your personality. Care to comment and stay- tuned for more such lifesaving content. 

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