Different parenting styles and their effects on children

parenting styles

“Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they’re already asleep.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr

The parenting style of every parent is somewhat different from other parents, all around the globe. Anthropological studies have shown that there is no way that the parenting style of parents from different cultures or religions can be the same. Intersectionality also plays a significant role in how parents treat their children. Every socioeconomic, psychological, anthropological aspect has some share in the process of bringing up a child. In this article, we’ll focus on the following particular details. 

  • What is parenting style? 
  • What are the different parenting styles?
  • What effect do they have on the personality of children?
  • Which of the given parenting style proves to be most effective? 

So, let’s get started. 

What is parenting style? 

Parenting style is a set of behavioural and psychological strategies that parents adopt or use during the process of bringing up of child (child-rearing).

What are the different types of parenting styles?

According to the research work of an American Developmental psychologist, Diana Baumrind, there are four major parenting styles. The theory based on her observations and studies says that each type of parenting style predicts specific child behaviour that is highly correlated to the parenting style. These parenting styles are as follows. 

  1. Authoritative Parenting style. 
  2. Disciplinarian or Authoritarian Parenting style
  3. Permissive or Indulgent Parenting style.
  4. Neglectful or Uninvolved Parenting style.

We’ll talk about each parenting style and how does it affect a child’s behaviour.

Authoritative Parenting style.

An authoritative parenting style is an approach that is used by parents during child-rearing that includes positive reinforcement rather than punishments. This parenting style is warm and responsive. Parents tend to define clear rules and boundaries for their children but they provide proper guidance and communication as well. In this parenting style, parents are more supportive but they also keep higher expectations some matters. Value independence is also something that is the trait of authoritative parents. The whole parenting style revolves around communication, negotiation, discipline, affection, and regulating behaviours.

Effects of Authoritative Parenting style on the behaviour of children.

Associated outcomes of this parenting style are high performances by children in academics and co-circular activities. Children who are brought up in an environment in which parents use an authoritative parenting style, they happen to have more self-esteem and better social skills because they are raised is a disciplined environment. Moreover, there are fewer chances of mental illness in the children and lower rates of delinquency are also being observed.

Authoritarian Parenting style. 

Next comes an authoritarian parenting style, that is rather unresponsive and strict with all the rules which do not accept flexibility. They keep their expectations high and they demand blind and unquestioning obedience that is rather ideal. They expect exemplary and ideal behaviour from their children and for its reinforcement they use threats and punishments. this parenting style does not include any warmth, support, or affection that a child needs the most.

Effects of Authoritarian Parenting style on the behaviour of children.

Authoritarian Parenting style has many negative effects on the behaviour of children. It results in lower academic performance and less self-esteem. Children might face problems in communication and social interactions because they feel bogged down by all the pressure, they feel by their parents. These children are more prone to all mental health illnesses and different sorts of substance abuse. Major delinquency rates are also being observed in such children.

Permissive Parenting style

Next up is the Permissive Parenting style, in which parents tend to be more polite, warm, and supportive. This is a positive point but somehow this parenting style lacks definite boundaries and rules. The parents choose to be lenient and indulgent. They don’t specifically demand anything from their kids and give them a relatively free hand as compared to Authoritative and authoritarian parents. Permissive parents are more like a friend to their children than being a parent.

Effects of Permissive Parenting style on the behaviour of children.

Children brought up by the Permissive parenting style are most likely to show impulsive behaviour. They exert egocentric and self-seeking behaviour. They usually don’t have a sense of self-discipline and self-restriction because they never faced any sort of pressure regarding discipline and boundaries. Also, they are not as efficient in their academics and co- circular activities. Moreover, these children also fail to develop healthy relationships when it comes to friendships and other future relationships. They might also feel difficulty in adjustments and compromises.

Neglectful Parenting style. 

As the name depicts, this parenting style is rather monotonous, unresponsive, and cold. It might appear obnoxious to most of the parents reading this article that parents can never be aloof of their kids but this is what valid research results show. No family support is provided by parents. Children are mostly left on their own. They are free to make their own decisions because parents prefer to not meddle in their matters. They have nothing to do with their child’s desires and inclinations.

Effects of neglectful Parenting style on the behaviour of children. 

The associated outcome of this type of parenting style is often negative. It can cause children to feel lonely and abandoned. They exhibit impulsive attitude and behaviour because they are never being taught properly. Suicidal rates and substance abuse rates are seen to be quite higher. The children who are brought up by the neglectful parents are more likely to fell prey to evil activities.

Which of the given parenting style proves to be most effective?

Throughout many decades, the Authoritative Parenting style has proven to give effective outcomes in child-rearing. As a parent who wants to see their children grow as an exquisite entity, authoritative Parenting is worthwhile. It doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the things mentioned above. It’s a whole spectrum, which is to say that you can be warmer and less strict or vice versa. It solely your choice that how you want to bring your child up.

I hope this content would be helpful for parents who are finding the whole process of child-rearing, difficult. Analyze and evaluate your inclinations that what do you want to see in your child? What do you want him to become in the next 15 years? This would help.

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