5 ways to avoid negativity, and flourish on your positivity

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Negativity can prove to be a bitter poison to one’s cognition and abilities. What negativity is? How does it affect us? Negativity is a plague that is characterized by several relative things like envy, pessimism, apathy, hopelessness, and everything contrary to Positivity. It is completely normal to feel down-beat for a short time but feeling low for days and finding everything around you gloomy is something contagious. Negativity can dwell on you and clutter your head. It may affect your daily efficiency as well as your peace of mind. 

Negativity is not something that dwells on you out of nowhere. Its something that overgrows your soul and can turn into toxic personality traits. There can be various reasons and causes of feeling negative. It could be uncontrollable negative thoughts or emotions, a toxic person around you. Even a failure that turned everything upside down, or your inability to recognize positivity could bring negativity. In this article, we will see how you can manage your un-ceased negative emotions. We all know that even the slightest negative thought could be a mood killer if not coped properly. If you want to put an end to all the atrocious thoughts that bother you then definitely give it a read. Here are the easiest 5 simple ways of how to eliminate negativity.

1. Identify your areas of negativity and try to divert your attention. 

To eliminate negativity, you have to identify its roots first. Give thorough heed of your thinking patterns. Analyze during the whole day whether this negativity is originating through some external influence or is it completely intrinsic? You should have to know its cause in the first place even if it will require some brain-storming. When you will be able to identify the areas where your negativity is being originated then you will be able to work towards it. 

Now after identifying the cause of negativity, you are supposed to show resistance towards this cause. Whether it is any person transferring his negative energy or any personal life experience that is making you think that way. Struggle with it and show some resistance. Whilst assuring yourself to resist, you should reiterate to your heart to acquire positivity. By reassuring yourself verbally to look at the brighter perspective and to block the disturbing cause, you will be able to eradicate it. Identify the cause, resist negativity, and flourish on your positivity, that is all you need to grow as a positive individual.

2. Don’t let your negative thoughts make a pattern. 

Being surrounded by negative thoughts for the major part of the day can affect your thinking patterns or cognition. Thinking pattern is the way how you process information concerning your traditional beliefs. So, it is extremely important to be vigilant that your negative thoughts do not end up making a pattern. You might have noticed that once you start thinking negatively about a specific thing of a person then negativity dwells over you. The other time you think of the same person or the same thing, your mind will end up thinking negatively.

The moment you realize that your mind has started making patterns out of the negative thoughts, break it. Juggle with it and break the cause. As soon as you start thinking negative, divert your attention deliberately, and start finding positivity in the same thing. This will help you and will not let negativity be the predator of your positivity.

3. Try to put on a lens of positivity. 

No one is completely bogged down in negativity. The person himself is responsible for holding his reins. He has this energy that can either work against him or for him. He has his share in what he has become so far. So, whenever you happen to feel that everything around you feels gloomy and negative, change your perspective of looking at everything. It is not as easy as it sounds but it is worthwhile. The human body works on the mechanism of resonance. The frequency that is being produced by the human body attracts the same frequency from the surroundings. If your body has started producing negative frequencies, you might end up acquiring all the negativity from around and vice versa. 

Try to put on a positive lens that has all the hues of beauty all around you. That can see positivity in something negative. That can see the hues of pain, happiness, melancholy, apathy, and every emotion. Recognizing every emotion will help you see the real colours of the world around us. Again, this is all that lies inside the heart and the head. To eliminate negativity, you just have to work it out.

4. Enjoy simple pleasures of your existence and be grateful. 

Life is a bitter-sweet symphony. To survive, you have to suffer a lot. It’s all in your hands that whether you can make it all dark by dwelling on your negative emotion or enjoy it to the fullest. Your first and foremost step to work against negativity should have to be the recognition of the sources that bring positivity. If your mind is unable to adapt towards the positive worldview then practice it. Do some daily exercises to enhance your perception of awareness. Whenever you find time in the day, count your blessing, and show some gratitude. Think of all the things you can enjoy and what others cannot. In this way, your mind will adapt itself to think more positively about certain situations. Meditation can also work well in this regard.

5. Surround yourself with people who bring positivity. 

Person’s surrounding has a considerable share in bringing positivity or negativity. Earlier we have discussed resonance and how the human body adapts itself to the surrounding. Sitting alone for hours can work against your growth. Surround yourself with people who enhance your thirst to gain positivity, who can motivate you about your life and lead you to the proper ways. Cut down every source that brings negativity. This is how you will deal with negativity in your life. What is negative in a person around you can also affect your life indirectly or directly to an extent. Be mindful and try to find positivity in everything you see.

That is all about the ways which can eliminate negativity in your life. Care to comment and enjoy the simple pleasures of your existence. This is how you will survive.

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