Our society – 5 ways to make it a better place to live

Our Society

Our Society

It’s a norm that whenever a person comes across any sort of social or moral complications, he blames society for it. Somehow, society does have a fair share in the fabrication of these problems. Even most of the social issues and moral dilemmas are so well rooted in society that they nourish over time. And most of the people are even unable to contemplate the cause. Everyone wants a better society, a better place to survive. Everyone wants a society free from immorality, free from dishonesty, and crimes. A society that is full of empathy, a society that is healthy for growth, catharsis, and gnosis. The irony is that everyone wants an immaculate and perfect world but no one wants to make an effort for it.

For which we have to understand that to make a change in society. We have to be the change. We have to start with ourselves.

Cleanse your soul, radiate positivity, be kind and empathetic because this is how you will make a difference. It is impossible to resurrect the society as a whole. In the first place, every person has to start making an effort individually to make our society a better place to live. In this article, you will find 5 ways in which you can contribute towards making our society a healthy place to live and survive. Here is to the ways…

Be generous and empathetic to society

To make our society a better place, it is extremely crucial to adapt all the virtues that you want to see in society. I would like to put much emphasis on being generous and empathetic. Because this is what the world needs more of. The world of today is going through such an aeon where the existence of a human is all hegemonized by competition based on materialism. In our society, what we lack today the most is the capacity to understand what another person is feeling or going through.

If you want other people in society to be empathetic to you, take the first step by yourself. I cannot help emphasising the importance of kindness and empathy. It can eradicate most of the evils we can to erase from the surface of this Earth. Be generous, keep the force of love alive by giving not by taking. Understand the patterns and be kind. This is how you will make a difference in our society and make it a better place for survival.

Create awareness on your end

You do have to know one thing that if you have got enough awareness to recognize the flaw in society. Not every other person needs to look at the same flaw with the same lens. Now, it’s your responsibility to highlight such an issue and to create awareness about it. Because no one else can foresee or ponder. Let me elaborate it to you by giving an example of the society I live in. There are many social issues and social evils that are still not identified yet. And likewise, there are still such issues that are considered taboo. Like dowry is an issue in the society that I am part of. And another way around, still being a transgender or hermaphrodite is considered taboo.

If I can identify these two issues of my society as social issues that need awareness then it is my responsibility to strive to make a difference and I always do what I can do on my behalf.
Similarly, it is the responsibility of every individual to create awareness to make society a better place.

Respect other people’s opinions

What society is? It’s is a group of people who interact with each other and substantially create an impact over each other’s life. This impact could be negative or positive. Speaking of negative impact, there is a lot in society that can cause mayhem. It could be toxicity, negative comments, meddling into people’s matters, disrespecting other’s opinions, and whatnot. So, if you see holistically, if people learn to accept and respect other’s opinions and decisions, a lot of bleakness from society can be eliminated. We see people being nosy all about other person’s life, the way he behaves, the relationship he has got, the way he practices his religion, his worldview, his goals, and many other matters. If we want to make it a better place than what it already then starts respecting other’s opinions.

What is your sacred doesn’t have to be another person’s sacred and what is profane to you doesn’t have to be profane to someone living next door. Believe me, acceptability and respect are all this world needs. Even giving value to others will help us grow emotionally and makes us better beings.

Start paying attention to the people around you, listen to them

We all have already noticed that the millennial world has not proven beneficial to mental health. People often suffer silently with their demons that haunt them. even in some societies talking about mental health is still considered taboo. If you want to see the change gradually into something better, start paying attention to the people around you, they might need your help, they might want you to lend your ears, lend your shoulder to cry upon. Surviving in this aeon is not an easy task. If things have been easy for you, try to make them easy for others too. This will of great help.

Donate your time and money

Another important thing that you can do to make a difference in this society is to donate your time and money to something constructive. If you come across to an organization that is doing something great to help people or to raise society, contribute your time and money. You can provide your volunteer services and you can tell other people in your social circle about it. There are many philanthropist NGOs and other societies that do work for humanity, you can join them and create a better chance.

This is all about 5 initial ways can you can adopt to make this society a better place. Care to comment and stay tuned to more helpful content.

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