Noisy Neighbours – 5 different ways to deal with them

Noisy Neighbours

Noisy neighbours

Noisy neighbours can be no less than a cacophony that can disturb everything around you. Did this ever happen to you that you moved into an apartment or a house of your dreams? And then, this same abode turned into a nightmare just because of a noisy bunch of people. Who calls themselves a family and happen to be your neighbours. Believe me, it’s not an easy problem to tackle. Imagine coming home after a long wearisome day. As you sit on your couch and turn on some good music to relax. All of a sudden, he bass of some loud music starts to rock your walls. This entire scenario not just limited to the imagination. But a story of every next family that happens to live nearby.  

Human-generated noises can mess up behaviours, sleeping patterns, cognition, and the ability to focus. If you are someone who continuously bothered by noisy neighbours? This is the time to deal with the situation. Whether verbally in a polite manner or by non-verbal gestures to make them realize. 

Stick around this article to get to know about 5 different ways or tips to deal with your noisy neighbours. So that you could enjoy your evenings with solace. 

Thoroughly contemplate the whole situation

Before taking any step regarding this matter, it is extremely necessary to give it thorough thought. Take out some time and think about it or communicate about this matter with your partner. Or, someone you are living with. That, whether it is okay to go and talk to the neighbours about this certain issue? If you are someone who lives in a building with a small apartment and thin walls. It is necessary to understand that you are a part of a community. Where people are living together separated by thin walls.

You need to keep this fact in mind that a particular amount of noise is always expected. Because, while living in compact proximity, you cannot guarantee much privacy. If the noise is more than your expectation. For instance, like watching movies and playing video games in full volume, throwing loud parties every other weekend, or playing music that has a bass your ears cannot tolerate. Then you are good to take a step forward and resolve this matter. 

Talk to your neighbours

After you realize that the noise is not going to end anytime soon. The first suitable and rational step that you should take to make it work out. It should have to be a decent communication rather than out loud confrontation. Your intentions shouldn’t be taking revenge from your noisy neighbours. Rather, it should be to talk through it politely and make them realize that what they do, causes a disturbance. You can invite them to your home at tea or you can pay a visit to their house with something you cooked. It would seem like a gentle gesture and then obviously you can talk to them about the noise issue you face. Tell them that oftentimes noise gets loud enough to disturb your sleep and it also affects your productivity. Amidst this discussion, it is never important not to drift away from the element of politeness. 

Another important thing that you have to take care of. While putting forward your stance about noise, never get carried away with anger. If your neighbours get offensive by the fact that you accuse them of being noisy neighbours, the best you can do is to walk away.

Leave a letter at their doorsteps

If you are someone who wants to avoid such a discourse with your neighbours. But still, the noise coming from their house is not something very pleasant for your abilities. You can leave a letter at their doorstep in which you can address all the major concerns you have. This action is not as effective to deal with your noisy neighbours. But, if you are afraid that things might heat up. Then you can choose to say your concerns through written words. Face-to-face discourse is always a better option as it narrows the chances of misunderstanding. But leaving a letter that is addressed politely can also work in this regard. 

Confronting your noisy neighbours

This is not a positive thing to confront your neighbours in the first go. Give them time, talk through it, give them little indications like knocking on the wall from where much of the noise is coming from but if nothing works then you are good to go for confrontation. If they are your annoying noisy neighbours upstairs who keep on dancing and jumping at midnights, confront them. Tell them that you have relied upon every method to reduce noise levels. Be factual and tell them that you have tried everything but nothing worked and nor did they showed any effort in controlling excessive noise.

Confronting does not mean out- lashing. There is no need to get harsh. In a subtle tone, ask them to be vigilant otherwise if such thing continues then you are afraid that there will be nothing left to do but to complain to the landlord. That’s how your noisy neighbours will be vigilant before making such a mess ever again.

Talk to your landlord or contact legal authorities

When nothing seems to help, not even confrontations and the noise seems to ruffle your feathers with the same intensity then it is the time to take a serious step. Tell your land-lord the whole scenario and how you are bothered by it. Ask him to resolve the issue by being a mediator because sometimes the third party always works. Especially, when the third party happens to be a landlord. It puts on some pressure and things work out eventually.  

There is another way that is to contact legal authorities because the case does fall into the category of noisy neighbours’ laws. Call your nearest legal authorities and file a complaint against them. The officers will contact your noisy neighbours shortly regarding the complaint and warn them but will leave you out of it and your identity will not be revealed. 

These are a few tips that will help you to deal with the noisy neighbours of yours. Care to comment and stay tuned for more content.